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MHA has partnered with Delta Dental of Minnesota to offer a specially designed dental insurance program for our members. With a choice of two different plan designs for your store, we move well beyond the typical “cookie cutter” packages by offering a range of options that will work for you and your employees.

  • Our Silver Plan is designed to provide basic coverage with a $500 annual maximum.
  • Our Gold Plan offers enhanced coverage with a $1,000 annual maximum.

And, don’t forget, owners have a great deal of flexibility in determining which employees they choose to offer the Delta Dental Benefit and in determining how much of the cost their store will absorb. This excellent fringe benefit can actually cost your business little or nothing.

Odds are good that you or your employee’s current dentist is already part of the broad Delta Dental network, which stretches across the Midwest. When visiting a network dentist, you can take advantage of discounted prices available to Delta Dental plan participants.

Contact for this service:
Andrea Varga
Member Services Coordinator & Human Resources Advisor